The Star Control FAQ

Published on Friday, January 3, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Star Control

Greetings!  There's been a lot of news recently on Star Control and we want to make sure we have answers to some of the most common questions.

What is Star Control?

Star Control is a sci-fi action/adventure game set in the future where humans and aliens are trying their best to get by in this crazy old galaxy.

What is Star Control: Origins?

Star Control: Origins is the first game in the new Star Control series.  

Is Star Control: Origins related to the classic DOS Star Control games?

Yes.  While Star Control: Origins takes place in a different universe (allowing us to start fresh) the classic DOS games are still part of the Star Control franchise.

I loved the classic Star Control games!  Will the new Star Control have humor, music and the light hearted fun mixed with dark interludes that we saw in Star Control 2?

That's the plan.

When will the new Star Control be out?

We are shooting for mid 2018 but the short answer is: When it's done.

Will the new Star Control have the aliens from the DOS Star Control games? 

Star Control: Origins takes place in 2088.  While it isn't a prequel, as it takes place in a different universe, it does take place decades before the events that occurred in the DOS games.   

What is the universe of Star Control: Origins?

It starts out in the year 2086. Our part of the galaxy has been pretty busy for a long time without noticing us. However, our radio signals have been recently detected by the ancient Scryve Empire who see our rapid technological rise as a threat and are seeking us out to wipe us out.  You are the Captain of Earth's first and only FTL ship and have been tasked with finding a way to save us before the Scryve learn Earth's exact location.  No pressure.

What is the Star Control: Multiverse?

To ensure that we always have new adventures for players to go on, Star Control: Origins introduces players to multiuniverse gates known as "Origins".  While the new Prime universe has its own lore and history and characters, the Origins will allow players to visit other universes as well.  This allows us to license popular Sci-Fi universes and allow players to travel and visit them.

What would be the long-term dream of Star Control: Origins?

We want to bring back the open universe space adventure/exploration genre with this.  That's why so much of our development has been focused on crafting tools to let players create and share their own adventures.

Star Control: Origins has its own lore, aliens and story explore.  But we could imagine players being able to eventually get many other stories from any and every sci-fi universe that wants a story told in the Star Control style.  Imagine a Babylon5 Star Control or a Firefly Star Control.