The problem with crybullies

Published on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Misc

I woke up today with my twitter feed full of angry, hateful people. Ok, so what are they mad about this time?  I click on a few tweets and see back where they came from. Zoe Quinn accusing me of having "offered a job" to someone because he had drawn "revenge porn" of her.  None of this true of course but her gullible followers, always ready to demonstrate their virtue, started filling my feed with hateful tweets.

So what was the truth? An artist had posted that he would love to draw for a living.  I told him to send us a resume.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I do this several times a week. You want to work in the game industry? Send us your resume.

For example...

When Zoe asked me for a job and I told her to send us a resume.  I don't discriminate.  Anyone who wants to work in the game industry is encouraged to send us a resume. It doesn't mean they'll get a job of course but we want people to know that opportunities are available.  I see people posting on social media all the time saying how they want a job in the industry.

So what was this revenge porn she was accusing me of rewarding? It turns out he had apparently made a crude cartoon about Zoe Quinn at some point in the past (as in, long before and in a place that I nor few others ever saw).  Quinn, always looking to milk sympathy, misrepresented the situation by posting screenshots of my tweet and the crude cartoon in such a way to make them appear related when in fact they were many months apart and unrelated.

I told her it as no better than someone photoshopping a picture to distort the truth. In other words, she was lying and trying to use me as her foil to get sympathy.

I called her out on it.

First, telling someone looking for a job to send in a resume is not "offering them a job". Second, as I said, I had never seen the crude cartoon in question. Third, Quinn apparently didn't consider it offensive enough not to repost the crude cartoon (I am not willing to repost the cartoon) on socia lmedia to gin up her followers.

On top of that, she soon tried to dredge up false allegations that were made against me years ago.  Allegations that were not only shown to be false but resulted in an apology letter written by the person who made those claims (you can read about that here:   Here is someone who endlessly claims to be the victim of character assassination actively engaging in it.

It's a fascinating example of the double-standards employed by social justice warriors.  Zoe Quinn was the one who chose, out of the blue to target me because I had suggested an artist who had offended her sometime in the past to send us a resume.  

Let's recap: I had done nothing to her. I had not attacked her. Throughout her GamerGate thing I had not said a word about her despite the fact that she had repeatedly smeared me in the past.

All it took was for her to cry wolf and her followers would rise up and smear me on social media.  Worse yet, the minute I defend myself against her flagrant misrepresentations others rise up to attack me and write defamatory blogs about me in which they totally misrepresent the events.

That's why you have to push back against these guys.  People like Quinn have made a career out of making false allegations and doing whatever it takes to get attention as a replacement for hard work and merit. 

Bottom line:

Zoe Quinn and her ilk’s message is as clear as it is sad: Software developers like myself better blacklist people they deem unacceptable or they’ll face the wrath of their mob and sympathetic game journalists and SJW enablers. And they will say and do anything, no matter how dishonest, in order to paint themselves as a victim even as they are creating grief for others. 

In the end, they do themselves no favors. No one wants to have to professionally interact with people who are toxic like that. And no professional wants to empower someone who would try to blacklist someone or block their career opportunities for having "incorrect" opinions.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to work in this industry. Their talent, hard work, and merit determine how successful they are. Not their politics. Not who they are friends with. Not whether they’re a man or a woman. Not what color they are.  Talent. Hard work. Merit. 

Learn it. Live it.


UPDATE: Logs form the so-called anti-harassment group "Crash Override Network" indicate that Zoe Quinn was coordinating the attacks on me.

I am the one she wants to "set on fire". For what? Because when she tweeted the image of the cartoon an artist made (that I had never seen until she posted it) and me tweeting to the artist he could send us his resume was photoshopped to look like they were related. Rather than focus on the obvious: That she was creating a false impression that I had tweeted to this guy because of his cartoon she wanted to focus on the fact I had referred to the presentation of the two images together as photoshopping.

To find out how this "anti-harassment" engaged in coordinated attacks on unsuspecting wrong-thinkers such as myself : 


Apparently drinternetphd is Zoe Quinn. I'm not sure who I have ever "abused" in the industry.  Bu I will say it's hilarious that she thinks I throw bees at people because that is based on this skit we did at work:

Note the number of down votes that video has.  A lot of people thought this was real. CON apparently did too.