Prelude to September Founders Diary

Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase


Getting ready to work on the September diary.  There will be some particularly cool assets with it as the game starts to become...well...a game.

A few things the team wanted me to relay to you guys as there has been quite a bit of concern regarding how people are taking some of our prototype screenshots:

  1. When we share screenshots or other visuals with you, not only are these not the final screenshots but they are not even what we would ever consider showing to the public.  Star Control is still over a year away from release so what you are seeing is very internal stuff.
  2. A lot of the iteration on game play will be coming from you guys playing it before the public sees it. That is, I hope, why you signed on. To make sure Star Control was done right.   For instance, Super Melee, the public won't even get to see Super Melee until you guys have had a chance to critique it because we may make substantial changes to how it plays based on your feedback.  Lots of ideas look good: on paper.  
  3. A lot of the rendering tech isn't in yet and won't be in for many many months.  That means the visual elements won't look very good for a long time.