Galactic Civilization III v2.7 Patch (Released 12/14)

Published on Thursday, December 7, 2017 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


Based on feedback from our fans (you!), we've been working on an update.  In addition to the usual balance and bug fixes, we've also increased the number of farms, enabled the oft-requested option to switch between the date and the turn counter, and improved startup times.  Please read below for full details.


We've removed the need for bat files in the game to compile data. Data is now compiled by the EXE. The big upside is that updates won't be flagged by AV software as suspicious. A bonus side-effect is that it also improves the startup time.  

Modders: The game now scans both your base game and Crusade folder on startup. Previously, it would scan just the Crusade folder.


  • AI increases the odds of building farm improvements if it is running low on food
  • AI more aggressive in terraforming tiles.
  • AI more aggressive in building up planets before switching to durational 
  • General AI improvements to what citizen type it will choose based on galactic conditions
  • Minor balance pass on Crusade tech tree costs based on recent changes on benefit from improvements.
  • Made many of the planetary improvements destructible again based on player feedback
  • Removed Megapolis improvement as it is now redundant
  • Balance pass on costs based on community feedback
  • Increased the money/power cap to 1 million
  • Updated the Entertainment Center to use the same stats as Crusade
  • Administration Centers now provide the correct additional administration
  • The AI no longer queues starbase modules it can't afford
  • A planet's maximum population, even with sufficient cities, cannot exceed the usable planet class. (this won't really affect anyone other than potential exploits).
  • Farm level ups increased food production by 0.1 per level
  • Biomass Replicator food production bonus reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Recruit Citizen now requires Star Federation technology rather than Galactic Governance.


  • Added game option to show Turn as a date. Can also click on the date/turn string to toggle between them.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't use the mouse wheel to scroll the startup popup unless the mouse was over the scrollbar itself
  • Fixed sorting issue for ship designer functional components
  • The UI is now more responsive while doing stuff with the Steam overlay.


  • Fixed issue where asteroid system was checking for ownership changes constantly, instead of at the beginning of each turn This was producing false alerts for asteroid bases culture flipping
  • Fixed crash at the end of the game. On large maps and/or long games, the game was still processing turn stuff in the background while it was trying to upload game results.  
  • Fixed issue where global modifiers were not being applied to the player (eg. Galactic Events like Blood Lust)
  • MP: Fixed a desync that happened around turn 200.
  • MP: Fixed a desync related to mining bases and influence areas.  
  • Fixed a few crashes related to the game to access hidden screens
  • Fixed a problem where if the notification list had multiple entries on one turn and then only one on the next turn, the area under the notifications wasn't clickable