Founders Status: March 2018

Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase

From: Star Control Command

To: Founders

Date: March 14, 2088

The recent test flight to Jupiter was a success.  We have been discussing the results of the Emdrive performance on Discord.

As Founders of the Star Control program, you know the importance of the mission.  The disappearance of the Lexites and the discovery of their abandoned base on the moon has us all very concerned and has sped up the entire Emdrive project to allow us the ability to travel throughout the solar system.

The recent discovery of Artemis, the post-Neptunian gas giant has raised questions of where the Lexites may have gone.  More disturbingly, the increase in radio traffic that some of our more...passionate scientists believe to be alien in origin has convinced Commander Hayes that the Vindicator must be ready before the end of this Summer.

We will be making available to the Founders a new Beta of the Fleet Combat simulator where we will be testing, again, the Mark I Cruiser equipped with the controversial hyper-sonic tactical nuclear warheads.  Current ETA is March 22nd.   

You will need to make sure you have activated your STEAM access and use your appropriate TOP-SECRET branch password.  Star Control Command's Founder's base will be able to answer any questions.

Founder's Starbase coordinates: 

In the meantime, here is some imagery from the most recent test run:

As always, this information is covered under your Non-Disclosure Agreement.  The expense of the Star Control program is not public knowledge and would create considerable public outcry if it were known how large its budget is in our post-Singularity economy.