Galactic Civilizations III: v3.01 patch (Released 5/2)

Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv III Support


v3.0 was a pretty massive change and some bugs snuck in.  Here are some fixes:

Base Game

  • Paxton's Emporium (what is sold here btw? Hair products?) is no longer a colony wonder (it is already a galactic wonder)
  • The tutorial starts now with additional ships.
  • Typo fixes
  • Various crash and stability fixes
  • Fixed crash caused by having a unit in transit to a planet, and then the planet is destroyed via event
  • Fixed crash in civ builder if you try to create a civ before starting a skirmish
  • Fixed issue where the "cannot build close to starbase" error message was showing %d instead of the actual distance when loading a save game
  • Fixed issue where exporting a ship design from the title screen would export a cube instead of the actual model
  • Fixed text coloring issue on the "Traits & Abilities" tab button on the civ builder
  • Fix to a broken first contact message 
  • Added a new advisor popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
  • Prevented a case where after AI#1 would surrender to AI#2, the AI #2 would surrender as well.  Confused?  Me too.  
  • Synthetic life factions will no longer get the high morale events.  Robots are neither happy or sad.
  • Fixed crash caused by AI trying to change the fleet composition of an invasion fleet while an invasion is finishing up
  • Fixed error where galaxy sizes were being disabled whenever the user's machine had the exact required amount of RAM
  • The Shopping Center is again buildable
  • Shopping Center now gives +30% gross income, +1 adjacency bonus to Approval and +1 adjacency bonus to population
  • Fixed an issue where High Yield Farming was showing up as Intensive Farming
  • Fixed an issue that made the Galactic Intelligence Agency unbuildable if you built an embassy or other diplomatic improvements in your empire
  • Switched some "Planetary Defense" references in the tech tree to "Resistance"
  • The AI will no longer eject colony ships with no population.  
  • Fixed several UI clipping issues when the UI scale is set to "Large"
  • Social/military tooltip breakdowns now shows the base value for manufacturing even if Crusade is not owned.  
  • Reloading a save game with trade routes multiple times will no longer crash
  • Fixed several other crashes
  • "Missing DLC" dialog now shows the correct strings
  • The galaxy preview  movie now shows even if  particles are turned off
  • Fixed a problem where some factions couldn't be selected for MP
  • Timing out when restoring a multiplayer game no longer crashes
  • Planet generation system will no longer place an Arable land and a trade resource on the same tile.


  • Ships with citizens on them can no longer be scavenged (prevents a stuck turn)
  • Custom maps made prior to 3.0 now start arable land
  • Fixed an issue where Espionage Specialization said it grants a free spy when it actually increases spy levels


  • Added the ability to disable Crises to game options
  • Fixed issue where switching from a government with fewer cabinet member slots, to a government with more cabinet slots, would cause there to be an entry filled with a cabinet member to be grayed out
  • Commonwealths are now enabled for multiplayer
  • Newly created Commonwealth factions will properly use inherited trade ships.  
  • Fixed crashes related to creating commonwealths with factions that award bonus mercenaries