Galactic Civilizations III. 3.5 Hotpatch (Released 3/4)

Published on Thursday, February 21, 2019 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


We have a hot patch for 3.5, largely focused on fixing problems in the new tech trees as well as restoring mod functionality.  Read below for details.  

Change Log 

  • Mods now load properly.
  • Fixed an issue keeping players from researching the "Hyperfield Projection" tree
  • Ancient factions can now research "Inherent Talent"
  • Ancient factions can now research the "Precursor Tradition" tree
  • Devout factions can now research "The Path" tree
  • Intuitive factions can now research  the "Xeno Anthropology" tree
  • Scavenger factions can now research the "Recovery" tree
  • Vigilant factions can now research the "Stellar Forge" tree
  • Knowledgeable factions can now research the "Gravitonics" tree
  • Removed non-working Durantium costs on hull sizes (no actual impact since they weren't working anyway)
  • Re-assigned some ship classes to have the appropriate strategic icon (bombers now have bomber icons) which will sort them into their right category for the ship style set builder.
  • Fixing a bug where repeatedly saving and loading games within a single game session would increase the save game sizes.  Fix is not retroactive. 
  • Fix for custom citizen images and flavor text not showing up.
  • Changed Tourism adjacency on the Consulate bonus to 200% from 2%.
  • Removed references to the "Trade Capital" in the tech tree because the improvement was removed from the game.  
  • Fixed issues that prevented Synthetics from accessing advanced Trading techs
  • Nebula movement penalty costs work properly again
  • Train Celebrities now requires Cultural Beacon, not Diplomatic Corp
  • Added alternate trigger to end mission 1 the Korath colonize Yiven III.
  • You can no longer place Bazaars in the map editor if you don't own Mercenaries Expansion Pack
  • Fixed typos in the campaign
  • Fixed a couple of MP crashes
  • Synthetic, and Silicon-based life forms no longer get the Disease event because machines don't get sick.  They just get angry.