Dream Submission Guidelines

Published on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 By Brad Wardell In Animated Wallpapers

As the # of animated wallpapers submitted increases, we're having to establish some guidelines on what is and isn't going to be accepted:

  1. Content MUST loop. An animated wallpaper should have a reasonably transitioning loop.
  2. Do NOT submit content other people's work without their permission. We are allowing some leeway right now on this rule for content that is based on content distributed on the net until we determine the legality of this.
  3. Content must be high-definition. That means the vertical resolution needs to be at least 720 pixels.

Additional rules on fair use of video clips:

Fair Use allows for the limited reuse of copyrighted material so long as it is not done for financial gain of the person reusing the work, nor does it financially harm the original author by denying them sales etc.  In the case of Dream animated wallpapers, users can make limited reuse of video files created by other authors provided they meet the following requirements:

  1. The animations used in the .Dream file is either 15 seconds in length of shorter OR less than 25% of the original video file in length (whichever is shorter).  So if you found a 20 second video you want to use in a Dream, you can use no more than 5 seconds of that video.  Anything else, you are limited to 15 seconds.
  2. You provide credit to the original author in the skin comments AND provide a link to your original source.
  3. Understand that if the original owner of the work asks us to take it down, provided proof of ownership, we will comply immediately.
Failure to comply with these fair use rules will result in an item being rejected from the submission queue. 

If you find your work is being redistributed here against your wishes, please contact a site admin with some form of proof that you own the original work, and we will remove the offending entry immediately.