The Political Machine: Beta 4 available

Published on Thursday, May 20, 2004 By Brad Wardell In Political Machine News

The beta 4 series will be the last set of public betas of The Political Machine. After that, it'll be on an individual basis based on feedback and such.  Hopefully this version corrects any remaining technical glitches.

Just a reminder:

1) This game requires DirectX 9
2) It needs a 3D video card with typically 16 megs of RAM or more on it (so some laptops or very old machines may have problems)

Remember: At this point, the game is running flawlessly in our internal compatibility lab. Don't assume that we know about a problem you're having. So if you experience crashing or corrupt graphics or anything else, REPORT IT PLEASE HERE. We need to know what operating system you're running and what video card you have in order to duplicate.

This version has the campaign mode in it.  Please let us know how well it works for you. We will be doing bug fixes like crazy of course between now and going gold. We also hope to release a free update after general availability to take into account new events in this year's political race and any cool ideas people come up with that can be added to the game (those of you who were beta testers on Galactic Civilizations know what we mean).