Sins of a Solar Empire v1.03 now available!

Published on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 By Brad Wardell In Sins News

Sins of a Solar Empire v1.03 has been released! The new update adds dozens of new features to the game based on player feedback.

In the month since its release, Sins of a Solar Empire has sold nearly 200,000 copies worldwide (with revenue split pretty evenly between retail and Stardock's digital distribution system). It is also the highest rated PC game of 2008 thus far with Editor's Choice Awards from every major PC game publication and website.

The game blends real time game play with “4X”. With epic level scalability, multiplayer games that can be saved and restored, and fantastic visuals, Sins of a Solar Empire has become the highest rated and best selling new PC game of 2008.

The new version adds dozens of new features into the game including:

  • Many new game setup options such as fleet size, pirate options, income rate speeds, build speeds and more
  • Players can use the + and – keys in single player to control the game speed
  • Improved black market provides a more volatile market
  • Players who drop can now be placed by cunning computer AI players
  • Vastly improved computer AI
  • New difficulty level “Unfair” for really hard core players
  • Computer players will surrender
  • Improvements to Ironclad Online
  • Lots of tweaking and balancing based on feedback
  • MUCH more…

We have a lot more updates in the works. The primary purpose of v1.03 was to improve the computer AI and get it to replace dropped players. Once the demo is released, Ironclad and Stardock will be working on v1.04 with even more new features and enhancements.

To get the update: From within the game, press the "Download Updates" button on the main menu. Please note that v1.03 is not compatible with save games or replays from older versions.

Change Log: v1.03 update notes