Stinger slows me up!

Published on Thursday, May 1, 2008 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv Journals

0420081805Well today I've got a lot of coding and forum work to do.  We released Twilight of the Arnor and people seem happy. But I'm not convinced that all the final strings got in (i.e. tech descriptions).  And while we did release the info guide and a twilight manual, I want to keep updating them as well as hang out on the forums answering questions and helping.

Unfortunately, my middle right finger is swollen up.  As some of you know, I keep bees. I've got 6 honey bee hives this year.  The hives are located at the back of the Stardock property (well away from the building).  So yesterday I was out there working on them getting rid of bur comb inside a hive when I got stung. At the same time, I got a cell phone call which I needed to take. So I had to leave the stinger in me (pumping away) for a bit. When I got off the phone, I scratched it out.  I'm immune to bee stings in general but leaving the stinger in so long caused my middle finger to swell up a bit today (you wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it out) causing it to be a bit stiff.  So it's slowing down my typing speed a tad.