10 things GalCiv II 2.0 needs still

Published on Monday, October 6, 2008 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv Journals

I got a good game of GalCiv II v2.0 in over the weekend.  Here are 10 things the game still needs.


  1. The trade routes need to increase more over time than they currently do.
  2. Tourism should be worth still more than it does currently.
  3. AI needs to be better about researching space mining techs.
  4. AI needs more variance in what it researches.
  5. AI needs to focus more on miniaturization techs.
  6. Integrity fields should cost the same as reinforced hull points (not more)
  7. The tech rates should slow down the rate of increase.
  8. Defenses should be slightly cheaper to research than they currently are.
  9. Need to update the credits to say (c) 2008
  10. There should be more incentive to do leases than currently.

So there will be another beta soon...