Object Desktop 2009 coming along nicely

Published on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 By Brad Wardell In OS Customization

The more cool stuff I see coming from the team, the more confident I feel that Object Desktop 2009 will be a real milestone.

First, the all new Theme Manager is going to make a LOT of Object Desktop users very very happy. It has that great combination of polish and power that is so often lacking these days from software.

Another new feature for Object Desktop 2009 is a Vista version of BootSkin.  This will be a nice feature for users.

And the third new feature we're hoping will make it in time for release is the XP version of DeskScapes. Animated wallpapers for XP users should make a lot of Object Desktop users happy.

I should also mention that our documentation has gotten a lot better too. Lots of cool stuff in the pipeline. Stay tuned.