Brad's November Impulse wish list...

Published on Saturday, November 1, 2008 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

Impulse continues to progress.  Here I'm going to put together my wish list for changes in Impulse. Feel free to add your own.


#1 Impulse is too big.


Impulse is currently 846x708 minimum in screen size.

Instead, it should be 640x480.



If people want to resize it larger, that's fine.

#2 Fast load should be OFF by default.

#3 Load time needs to be incredibly fast.

#4 The dock should be a free option, it shouldn't be bundled.

#5 Fewer tabs when possible



#6 Less space when possible



#7 Make the "Store" have more cool free stuff

Note: I'm not sold on calling it "store" as it implies that people have to buy everything when the long-term goal is to have most of the content on it be free.