Galactic Civilizations II v2.0 Change Log

Published on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv Journals

+ NEW: Ship design screen available from the main menu

+ NEW: Old Campaigns now available in Twilight using new Tech trees

+ NEW: Campaign mods will now show up in the screen from the mods folder

+ NEW: Updated Twilight Manual

+ NEW: Galaxy setup options

    + Frequency of Extreme Planets

    + Frequency of Random Events

    + Option to disable tech brokering

    + Option to disable surrenders

+ NEW: Can now trade entire fleets

+ NEW: Planetary Governors allow you to queue improvements and automate contruction of improvements

   +  Accessible from the civilization manager's planetary governor tab.

   + Queues auto-update when a better version of an improvement is unlocked

   + Hotkey for bringing up the planetary governor popup for a selected planet (ctrl+P).

+ NEW: Can now place spies to gather information without needing to sabotage

  You should only be able to reach the level of spy that you have placed on a race, where, once that level is reached, no more 'spying' is being done on that race.

  1 spy: Low Espionage

  2 spies: Medium

  3 Spies: High

  4 Spies: Advanced

+ NEW: Can now spy on minor races

+ NEW: Can now prioritize types of modules to build first (per-Starbase)

  + As constructors arrive to a starbase with auto build option set to ON, they will automatically add modules according to the priority

  + If your treasury is negative and the next module has a cost to build, it will skip that module until there is money in the treasury.

+ NEW: Launching a ship in orbit will select it

+ TWEAK: AI demonstrates more variance in techs

+ TWEAK: Tourism revenue doubled

+ TWEAK: Constructor Maintenance increased

+ TWEAK: Military ship maintenance decreased

+ TWEAK: Weapon technologies are more expensive

+ TWEAK: Overall technology expenses decreased over time

+ FIXED: Crash bug that caused crash in fleet battles (rare)

+ FIXED:  Bug where AI did not build starbases correctly from a constructor in a fleet, which eventually caused a crash

+ FIXED: Bug where victory by wiping out all remaining (multiple) races with a single terror star attack was not calculated as a military victory