Demigod User Manual: Getting Started...

Published on Thursday, January 1, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals

You can see part 1 here.

This journal entry outlines how the user manual is being created. Ever saw a manual you thought was weak or lame? Now is your chance to provide your own feedback on a manual before it goes out to the printer.



Getting Started

You have been chosen to compete in the Arenas of Rokkur in a contest against your rivals to ascend from the mortal places into the Pantheon of the Gods. You shall battle alone as well as be on teams of convenience with and against your fellow Demigods. These Demigods have come from different realms, different worlds and different planes of existence to win the favor of the Gods and ascend to Godhood.

Each victory in an arena provides you with favor points that you can use to move closer to ascension, drive an opponent further from ascension, or acquire special items to aid you in future battles.

Installation & Updating

Installation requires approximately 3 gigabytes of disk space on your hard disk drive. After running the game for the first time, press the “Update” button from the main menu to make sure you have the latest version of the game.

The update button will open Impulse which will require you to create an Impulse account if you don’t already have one. This account will be used if you play the game on-line. Impulse will allow you to update to the latest version as well as re-download the entire game should you lose the DVD in the future. You will need your game’s DVD key to register the game to your Impulse account.

The Arena

The Arenas of Rokkur do not exist in the mortal realm. They are a manifestation of the ancients with the sole purpose of helping prove which Demigod is the worthy to ascend. This means that while Demigods can die in Rokkur, it is not permanent so long as they die in the arena. Similarly, the items, weapons, armor and other tangible constructs only exist within the Arena in spiritual form. Thus, Demigods who recognize this can stack different types of items together that could not be in the mortal world (the only hint the Gods provide is that the items, when equipped, cannot be visually seen by observers or other Demigods).

Anatomy of an Arena

Each Arena is made up of several key elements:

1. The Great Citadel. This is the base of your side’s power. If it is destroyed, your side loses. You can use money to upgrade the Citadel.

2. The Item Shop. Weapons, armor, potions and other items are purchased at the item shop.

3. The flags. Scattered across the arena are several different kinds of flags. Controlling flags is absolutely crucial to victory. Control of flags earns your team war points which provide access to better types of reinforcements, upgrades and more. The types of flags are:

a. Flag of Experience. Controlling this flag will result in your team gaining experience at a substantially greater rate.

b. Flag of Celerity. Controlling this flag will result in spells having much shorter cool-down times for your team.

c. Flag of Brilliance. Controlling this flag greatly increases the mana pool for everyone on your team.

d. Flag of Fortitude. Controlling this flag greatly increases the hit points for all Demigods on your team.

e. Flag of Valor. Controlling this flag greatly increases the strength of your reinforcements (hit points, attack, defense, etc.).

4. Special Structures. There are several special structures available in the arenas. When captured, they can provide more reinforcements, more gold, access to artifacts and more.

The Types of Contests

The Gods have arranged a number of different types of contests to take place in the arena. In all cases, destroying the opponent’s Citadel will win the game. The types of contests are:

· Conquest. Destroy the enemy’s Citadel to win.

· Dominate. Control the flags for a certain amount of time for victory.

· Slaughter. Attain victory by killing a set number of enemy Demigods.

· Fortress. Destroy your opponent’s fortresses to attain victory.

· Protect. Keep your opponents from taking and escaping with your War Idol back to their Citadel.



What other elements of the arena would you like to see discussed? What questions would you like to see answered still?