Why is video editing still so pathetic?

Published on Sunday, January 4, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

I recently got an HD video camera. I’ve been very happy with it other than getting video off of it. It records to an SD card which is great. But it records as a AVCHD thing which requires extra steps to use it. 

Like in the days when I had video cameras that used tape, I have quickly rediscovered how annoying it is to mess with video. It seems like no matter how powerful the computer is, the software is still just crap – at least on the PC. 

Why aren’t these programs multithreaded for instance? They seem to be written to be as unresponsive and inefficient as possible.

Then there’s the whole AVCHD thing which seems incredibly unnecessary. Couldn’t they have done it as some MPEG4 type thing where it’s a single file?

My other digital video camera records to a mini DVD and I have to say, that is the best way to go. You end up with a DVD you can pop into a DVD player or easily turn into a DVD image if you want to store it on the computer. The only problem was that it’s not HD.