WinCustomize 2K9 brainstorming

Published on Thursday, January 8, 2009 By Brad Wardell In WinCustomize Talk

Assuming the subscription drive ends as it is going, what is going to happen?

This is all tentative brainstorming and will be altered based on your feedback.

I. Subscriptions:

1. Master Skins will remain at a discount.

2. There will be a lot more master skin content than there is today as inspired work that's available via MyColors will also be made available in parts as Master Skins. This process will begin sooner rather than later.

3. There will be a new WC browser that will be integrated into Impulse. This browser will only handle Stardock programs and wallpapers.

4. There will be two tiers of subscriptions.  A new $9.95 Basic subscription will give 1 year of access to unlimited downloads and no ads.  The $19.95 suscription will give users discounts on premium content and WC subscriber skins.

5. The current $29.95 subscription that people have will be transformed into a 2-year (so those who buy a subscription between now and then will really make out or people who already have one).

6. All subscriber resources will be handled through Impulse.

II. Site Design

1. The forums will be the same with just some cosmetic changes.

2. There will no longer be a gallery listing on most pages. A Gallery page will let people get to the galleries but the home page won't list a bunch of skin galleries.

3.  The home page will fbe greatly simplified and look very differnt from today (the whole site will look totally different).

4. The gallery page will only focus on Stardock relatd items and wallpaper. Other items fall into an "other" link.

5. Wallpaper moderation as we know it will likely disappear. Instead, we will likely move forward towards a moderator recommended option.

6. Galleries will default to only showing moderator recommended items or items in which at least N users have recommended.

7. The rating system as we know it will likely disappear being replaced by the recommended option. What we'll probably brand the recommend.

8. The recommend option will probably be labeled "Like it" and "Love it".  If a moderator recommends it (likes it or loves it) then it will show up by default. Users will be able to easily change their filtering.  Stars won't be displayed anymore. Just the # of "like it" and "love" by it.

9. Individual galleries won't have a column showing other galleries. A given gallery will focus just on things relevant to that gallery.