Demigod switches to high gear

Published on Monday, January 19, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals


January 19 marks the beginning of serious crunch time as we start moving towards the final stretch.

The team is working on Beta 3 which is the first beta that begins to bring together the key game elements of Demigod into a "fun" game.  After Beta 3, the story will focus on fixing bugs, providing better balance, taking feature requests and expanding the Pantheon (the persistent online tournaments, leaderboards, etc.).

So what will be in Beta 3 and when will it be out?

Those features are:

  1. The Tournaments will be in.
  2. The network connectivity code needs to be much more solid than it is today.
  3. The pacing should be a lot better.
  4. The Pantheon should start tracking how players are doing.
  5. Plus lots of game play changes that should help introduce players to the unique game play elements of Demigod.

We are hoping to have this new beta up this week.