The Official Demigod Change Request Thread

Published on Sunday, March 29, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals

Want something in Demigod’s balance changed? Make the case in this thread.




Everyone here at Stardock and GPG can feel the electricity in the air. It’s that feeling, that knowledge that the game you’ve been working on is going to be a hit. Those of you in the game industry know that feel. But for those of you who aren’t let me explain: Game projects take years from start to finish and let’s face it, statistically, most games aren’t very good. And for those on the project, it can be a real morale killer because the teams on those games usually know it long before release but cannot really do much about it.  With Demigod, both teams (Stardock and GPG) know they have something special here.

That said, I’ve put together a list of change requests that are in front of us to see what we can do and what we can’t do. 

This is the official change-request discussion thread. As these features are changed/added/addressed we’ll update this post.

I.                    Game options

d.      Tower Strength

                                                               i.      Weak is 2800. Please change to 4200.

                                                             ii.      Normal is 5600. GOOD.

                                                            iii.      High is 14000. Please change to 8400.


e.      Grunt strength

                                                               i.      Please change to” Grunt HP”

                                                             ii.      Weak is 240 HP. GOOD.

                                                            iii.      Normal is 390.  GOOD.

                                                           iv.      High is 870. GOOD.

f.        New option: Grunt Damage

                                                               i.      Weak: 75% what it currently is.

                                                             ii.      Normal: what it currently is

                                                            iii.      High is 150% of what it currently is

                                                           iv.      Severe is 300% of what it currently is

g.       Gold rate

                                                               i.      Low. please increase by +1.

                                                             ii.      Normal. Please increase by +2.

                                                            iii.      High. Please increase by +3.

h.      Starting gold

                                                               i.      add: Please add “low: $0”.

                                                             ii.      normal is $1000. GOOD.

                                                            iii.      high is $20,000. Please change to $5,000.

                                                           iv.      filthy rich is $40,000. Please change to $15,000.

II.                  Citadel Upgrades

b.      Building Firepower.  Please reduce cost on each one by 50%.

c.       Currency. 

                                                               i.      Currency I. Please change to 4 gold.

                                                             ii.      Currency II. Please change to 6 gold.

                                                            iii.      Currency III. Please change to 8 gold.

d.      Black Smith

                                                               i.      Black Smith I. GOOD.

                                                             ii.      Black Smith II. Please change to 40%.

                                                            iii.      Black Smith III. Please change to 50%.

                                                           iv.      Black Smith IV. Please change to 60%.

f.        Experience.

                                                               i.      Experience I. Please change to 20%.

                                                             ii.      Experience II. Please change to 30%.

                                                            iii.      Experinece III. Pleae chnage to 40%.

                                                           iv.      Experience IV. Please change to 50%.

III.                In-game Balance

a.       Going up a war rank gives all players on that team 1000G.

b.      When teleporting, the target destination displays an animation to cue players that someone is teleporting in.

See: for refrence

c.       Torch Bearer

                                                               i.      Fireball I. Please increase damage from 300 to 400.

                                                             ii.      Deep Freeze. Cool down penalty on others reduced by 3 seconds on each on.

d.      Rook

                                                               i.      HP decreased by about 10% at all levels.

                                                             ii.      Boulder Roll 3 stun time reduced to 3 seconds.

e.      Unclean beast

                                                               i.      Base speed reduced to 6.0

                                                             ii.      Reduce melee damage by about 10%.

                                                            iii.      Reduce HP or Armor by 10%.

f.        Destroying a tower provides 800 gold, destroying a fortress 1600 gold.


IV.                New Items

a.       Scroll of rebound. $250. Upon use any spells cast on that player or area around player within the following 2 seconds are rebounded upon the caster.

b.      Ring of rebound. Instant cast time. Upon use, any spell cast on that player or area around player within the subsequent 2 second are rebound upon the caster.


V.                  Ongoing Bug issues that must be resolved

a.       Disconnects in-game

                                                               i.      More consequence for disconnecting

                                                             ii.      The game must be able to cleanly recover from a disconnect.

b.      Connectivity

                                                               i.      Connecting to other players needs to be as reliable as possible

                                                             ii.      Current beta connectivity dialog needs polishing

c.       Pantheon

                                                               i.      Pantheon experience when connecting needs polish

                                                             ii.      AI players should be last resort and there should always be at least 1 human player on both sides.

d.      In-Game (separate bug database not covered in this thread)

VI.                User Interface Requests

a.       Tracking toggle button on screen (for new users, the [T] track option for having th3e camera follow and center on the Demigod is very nice but not easy to get to.

b.      In the lobby screen, display the Experience rating (from the Pantheon) by a player’s name to make it easier for players to balance custom games.

VII.              New Features

a.       New Multiplayer Option: Skirmish [Demigod]

                                                               i.      User selects Skirmish then choose Demigod and then presses Fight

                                                             ii.      Impulse Reactor puts together players that are balanced to battle it out.

                                                            iii.      Pantheon displays separate top players for Skirmish.

b.      Pantheon Teams [Pantheon]

                                                               i.      Players can create and join teams

                                                             ii.      Player s can only belong to one team at a time

                                                            iii.      Various ranking options based on Teams.

c.       Skirmish Tournaments [Pantheon]

                                                               i.      Not to be confused with the Pantheon itself

                                                             ii.      Set begin and end date where players participate in a series of Skirmish games with their rankings filtered during the tournament. Top players win prizes.



 Version 1.03: Updated March 29, 2009.