Published on Tuesday, November 9, 2004 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv Journals

The fog of war in Galactic Civilizations II is going to be quite different than in the first one. Much of that is due to the 3D engine.

But you would be surprised how many details go into the fog of war.  What color should it be. It's in space so unexplored can't be black.  It had a slightly violet hue to it in the first Galactic Civilizations.  We decided to go with that again.

But then there's the matter of how to treat zones of influence.  In the first GalCiv zones of control was by sector.  Now it's based on the individual planets in a particular sector. That means they tend to be irregularly shaped.

But how should the fog of war deal with that? Your zone of control/influence may extend beyond your sensor range. Should it paint over the fog of war? Be hidden? Or only extend to your explored area.  What about alien civlizliations? Should you get to see their zones before you've made contact with them? The realisitc option is obvious but what about the fun part? It's not a no brainer.

So that's what the engine team was working on.  Meanwhile, the Arcean models were being heavily tweaked by the art team and we got some new ships in.  We did get bad news that the new artist we were trying to get in won't be able to join us due to some family issues.  So we still need a lead 3D modeler for our Master fantasy game we have in preproduction (lead 3D modeler means you have 5 to 10 years of real experience btw).

The UI team is going well but the new planet design screen has been a real challenge to do. It's so much more important but we want the game not to seem like a spread sheet or too complex. So that's really been tough.