Demigod: W00t!

Published on Saturday, May 9, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals

The BETA is up. We plan to push this to release on Monday as it’s massively better.

What’s new in this beta:

  • Massive connectivity optimizations and updates
  • Favor Items fixed
  • Favor points fixed
  • Major optimizations to audio on low fidelity settings
  • Fixed bug that occured if you used an ability after issuing an attack command. This is the "won't chase the demigod I clicked" bug.
  • Achievements properly vaulting on Impulse
  • Sending deltas for partially completed achievements.
  • Each player now saves their own achievements and favor items
  • Fixed partial Achievement saves bug.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if you accomplished an achievement in game.
  • Fixed a bug in disconnect dialog that would try to update it even if we had determined we did not want to show it.
  • Fixed sound performance issue (for users who were having to run without sound)
  • Changed resample rate to 24k in Low settings
  • Delayed FMOD initialization until audio LOD is set via options
  • Disabled hitbox interference from announcer messages.
  • Life's Child no longer removes Inner Grace (Sedna fix)

If you want to try the beta (and like I said, we plan to release this on Monday when we’re back):

You will need to tell Impulse to show pre-release versions:



Have fun! I’ll be around this weekend to play! I think you are going to like this update…