Minor update

Published on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals

The team got us a minor update today that improves connectivity. They also identified an issue in the lobby where a user exiting the lobby can cause a game error. We consider it pretty serious. It’s been there for awhile and it revolves around timing and the type of connection and various other things but in a mixed gaming environment it happens enough to be a major issue IMO. So now that we’ve identified the cause, it’s gone up the priority list.

GPG also got us an update tonight (that wasn’t able to go in the build) that improved some of the command queueing and following a demigod. I haven’t got to try it yet. There’s a lot of moving parts as you can imagine that kind of thing. 

But the big thing about tonight’s update is improvements in connectivity between a user who is using the proxy server and users who are not.

For next week, I am hoping we have the intelligent proxy handling in in which it will choose the proxy server closest to you.  Once we do that, we’re going to seriously evaluate whether to just have it proxy by default (right now, it only uses proxy servers if you set /serverproxyonly as a parameter in the short-cut) since people are reporting that proxies largely eliminate connectivity for people who have problems.