Demigod’s first August update

Published on Thursday, August 6, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals


The first update for August has arrived. 

Here are the highlights:

  • Fixed an exploit regarding minions and the citadel that cropped up recently.
  • Fixed the Sedna Healing wind buff with High priests issue that has been discussed.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled hex scroll, ring of divine might, and the horn of battle until the timeout conflicts are dealt with. Stay tuned.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a LOT of statistics not to be saved accurately. We are hoping, and you be the judge, that the statistics are now robust enough that we’ll be able to move towards official tournaments and Epoch 3.
  • Updated the algorithm to find the best proxy server for people who need them.
  • Lots of other little things.

Next on our list are the rematches, LUA decompression crash issue, Alt-Esc issues, and replays.  No promises on an exact date but (fingers crossed) in the next week or so depending on QA.

Tomorrow, I am going to really try to get up a preview of the first of the new Demigods up on a journal so you can start discussing him.  We’ve also been discussing with GPG new map ideas and new item ideas and have started work on the modding guide.