Published on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals


This week Elemental Beta is to begin.  It will go out to all users who have pre-ordered it.  For the rest of September, new users will be able to pre-order and join in as well and then it will be closed (people can still pre-order but they won’t get access until we roll out Beta 2.

ALL REPORTS can go here: Elemental BETA forum.



  1. Initial Build: Basic Compatibility
  2. Beta 1A: Initial Gameplay Skeleton
  3. Beta 1B: Initial Economic system Implemented
  4. Beta 1C: Initial AI system Implemented
  5. Beta 1D: Initial Diplomacy system Implemented
  6. Beta 1E: Initial Dynasty system implemented
  7. Beta 1F: Initial Magic system implemented
  8. Beta 1G: Initial Quest system implemented


  1. Initial build provides basic multiplayer (player hosted – client/server)
  2. Beta 2A: Persistent stat tracking
  3. Beta 2B: Stardock hosted option.
  4. Beta 2C: Stardock hosted persistent games
  5. Beta 2D: Stardock hosted persistent universe game (persistent dynasties)


  1. Initial Kumquat3D engine build of Elemental.
  2. Beta 3A: Introduction to Dungeons
  3. Beta 3B: Introduction to Magical Spells


  1. Introduction to tactical battles
  2. Beta 4A: New multiplayer mode: Arena
  3. Beta 4B: Customized tactical battle options
  4. Beta 4C: Super-Duper AI Update to tactical battles
  5. Beta 4D: Polish Beta (extensive and ongoing)


  1. Introduction to integrated modding
  2. Beta 5A: Persistent universe mods
  3. Beta 5B: Third-party Maya/3D Studio importing beta
  4. Beta 5C: Modding group testing


  1. Private Build (only very active beta testers get access to this under NDA)
  2. Single Player Campaign Testing


  1. When the consensus is that this is the best turn-based strategy game of its kind available.

Betas will also include additions and enhancements to previously released milestones (i.e. additional game modes, additions to multiplayer options, additional single player quests, more single player game options, etc.).

imageObjectives of BETA 1 in detail:

  1. We want to know if it runs okay on your computers. If it doesn’t, tell us what operating system you’re running, video card (dxdiag is a useful tool), CPU, etc. The more hardware info, the better.
  2. As has been mentioned, beta 1 will NOT be fun in any way. We are not kidding about this. Our objective with this first build is to get the parameters on which the game runs, how well it runs.

On October 1st, we will have BETA 1A which will implement some of the “game” features that we took out of beta 1 along with a lot of features that we’ve been focusing on since PAX (computer AI, economic AI, research tree stuff, etc.).

The entire BETA 1 (and BETA 2) series will only play on the cloth map (seen above). The cloth map mode will remain the standard game experience for the Elemental beta until the Beta testers (AND Stardock) decide the game is sufficiently fun without having to rely on next-generation graphics. This will take as long as it takes. 


Good luck!