Yes Virginia, WindowBlinds 7 returns skinning to being a killer app again

Published on Saturday, October 31, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Object Desktop blogs


Alas, Poor Skinning. I knew him…

Or so it seemed.  Skinning was huge for awhile. And then it wasn’t. 

What happened?

I’ll tell you: Windows stopped being so ugly and there was no easy way to simply customize Aero(the default glass look of Windows Vista and Windows 7).

Until now.

In the years since Windows Vista, if you wanted to have say a metallic version of the Windows Vista UI, a skinner had to spend as much time making that (i.e. many days) as it would take to create something outrageous. And so, most skinners chose outrageous because let’s face it, people don’t appreciate the amount of effort it takes to make a subtle change.

And so skinning returned to the niche it was prior to Windows XP’s release.

WindowBlinds 7 changes that.  Of course, it still supports all manner of total Windows makeovers. But WindowBlinds 7 also supports skinning Aero itself. That means no worries about compatibility, performance, or memory because it’s still Aero.  And, best of all, the effort involved is dramatically less.

WindowBlinds 7 is due out in early November for everyone but if you have Object Desktop, you can play with the late betas now.