WindowBlinds 7: A guided Tour

Published on Monday, November 16, 2009 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing



Info & Requirements



WindowBlinds is a program that empowers users to customize the look and feel of Microsoft Windows. By applying skins, users can change nearly every element of the Windows interface including:

  • title bars
  • borders
  • taskbar
  • Start menu
  • push buttons
  • and virtually every other part of the Windows UI


The WindowBlinds Experience

Windows XP user example:

index.7[1] to index.17[1]

Windows Vista/7 example:

image   to clip_image002

There are literally thousands of different skins to choose from

What’s new in WindowBlinds 7 over WindowBlinds 6

There are hundreds of changes and new features in WindowBlinds 7 over previous versions. Below is a summary of some of the more significant changes.

  1. Native support for Windows 7
  2. Native Aero skinning for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users
  3. Native 64-bit support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users
  4. Auto-conversion of Windows XP era skins to Windows Vista or Windows 7
  5. Ability to apply textures to skins
  6. A new, easy to use configuration program
  7. Native Clear-Type support for better font handling
  8. New Skin format called UIS0 for skinning Aero (takes hours instead of days to create a new skin).
  9. New WindowBlinds 7 skins included such as Submline, Aero Metals, Corporate, Aero Woods, Aero Clay, Sabertooth along with new WindowBlinds 7 skins being released soon after to the public such as Altitude.
  10. Option to have a random skin applied each logon
  11. Much better customization of fonts
  12. Massive performance improvements in applying of skins.
  13. Optimization of Windows Vista and Windows 7 DWM drawing to improve battery life on laptops.
  14. Aero skinning (UIS0) is 100% compatible (it’s Aero) with all Windows programs.

Screenshots of new features:

clip_image002[4] clip_image002[10]

clip_image002[6] clip_image002[12]

clip_image002[8] image


Features of WindowBlinds

There are so many individual features of WindowBlinds that it would take many pages to explain them all. Instead, we will focus on the primary features of the program.

  1. Changes the look and feel of the entire Windows graphical user interface by applying a WindowBlinds skins.
  2. There are thousands of free WindowBlinds skins to choose from.
  3. Improves performance of the Windows GUI due to optimizations it makes to Windows drawing routines
  4. Uses very little memory
  5. Easy and safe to use. Does not modify any system files. Can be turned off with a single click at any time.
  6. Gives Windows XP users the ability to have per-pixel alpha blending, gives Windows Vista/7 users the ability to skin the native  glass (Aero) look and feel.
  7. Users can assign mouse actions to roll-up windows, minimize to tray and many other options.
  8. Supports animated title bars, start menus, and much more.
  9. Can skin even “non-theme aware” programs meaning even older programs that look like old Windows will get skinned natively.
  10. Microsoft certified. Used by millions of users worldwide and by major PC manufactures such as Dell and HP.

Screenshots in action


WindowBlinds can skin virtually every part of the Windows GUI.


Windows 7 gets a retro-look with this Windows XP skin


Like the native Windows Vista/Windows 7 look and would just like to spice it up? WindowBlinds 7 can skin Aero itself.

Skinners can customize as much or as little as they want and share their creations with the world