Ugly children

Published on Friday, January 22, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

So this week the dynasties got in.  To skip to the good part, your sovereign gets married and has children. Eventually, those children grow up and you can then arrange marriages with them with other sovereigns. Your children, in turn, will have children of their own.  And that’s where things got interesting…or more specifically: ugly.

For today’s code review, we were looking at the algorithms being used to produce off-spring.  We don’t want them to be just random but rather have the traits of their parents in interesting ways – both from a stats point and cosmetically.  To see how far we could take things, I had my daughter marry the son of an Urxen sovereign (one of the races of the Fallen).  Urxen look a lot like goblins.

Well, my beautiful daughter and the Urxen prince had a child.  And let me just say, there are things you cannot unsee.  A half-man, half-urxen is something that can’t be unseen.

So if you end up deciding to marry your children off to other factions, take a good look at their family first lest your grandchildren look like that half-human half-alien from the last Alien movie.