The iPad. Who names these things?

Published on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

Short answer: Yes. I’m going to get one.

Why? Well, for me, two main reasons.

One, I currently use my iPhone to browse the net in the evening and its tiny screen is a bit of a bummer at times. I have my beloved ThinkPad T400 but it is a bit too heavy to just have sitting on my lap to surf the net and its form factor doesn’t lend itself to reading.

Two, I use my iPhone for watching movies while I work out and it’s small screen is annoying for that. I don’t use the laptop because, again, the form factor doesn’t let me easily put it up on things.

I kind of feel bad for people who bought the Kindle. This thing will kill that.

I am quite bummed it doesn’t have a camera. I could imagine this thing being super useful for Skype video chatting but oh well.