People of Elemental: The Kingdoms

Published on Monday, February 15, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

The Kingdoms of the West are dominated by races of men. While of one species, each race is substantially different from one another in terms of culture, capability, and philosophy.

The Kingdoms tend to believe in power of individuals to set their own destinies.

The Kingdoms



The Kingdom of “New” Pariden (“Paridens”, sometimes called “Amarians”, sometimes derisively referred to as Ama’nir)


The Kingdom of Altar (They are the same race as the Paridens originally from the east. Sometimes called Usurper Amarians)



The Kingdom of Capitar (“Capitarans”, sometimes called “The Diplomats”)


The Kingdom of Gilden (“Ironeers”, sometimes called “Merchants of Iron and blood”)


The Kingdom of Tarth (“Tarthans”, sometimes called the kingdom of something that would negatively affect our ESRB rating by Capitarans but more commonly referred to as the Rebels)