Impulse gets Total Annihilation!

Published on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming


Originally developed by Cavedog back in 1997, the rights eventually came into the hands of Atari who has given us permission to re-release it.

Stardock is handling the support for Total Annihilation directly and includes a new launcher that helps automatically configure the game for modern systems, streamlines getting multiplayer games going and includes easy access to tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

As part of Stardock's support for the game, it will be releasing subsequent updates (with Atari's permission) to further streamline multiplayer, incorporate Impulse Reactor and work with fan sites to incorporate new content into the "official" release.  It will also be further enhancing the release to prepare it for eventual availability on other digital distributors.

In other words, we’re treating Total Annihilation similarly to a newly released title with ongoing updates wherever possible.

The package includes Total Annihilation + Core Contingency as a single integrated package.

What makes Total Annihilation particularly special is that (depending on your modern setup and trouble shooting skills) you can get the game playing at crazy high resolutions and the game runs fine. 


Total Annihilation at 2500x1600



Now, a word of warning – if you’re a PC novice, Total Annihilation won’t be for you.  It’s a serious RTS and, depending on your setup, we are talking about a game developed 14  years ago when DirectX 3 was state of the art.  Running it in a window has had good success for me on my Windows 7 64-bit desktop. 

If you try to run it full-screen at a very high resolution you can end up with a goofy color mess of it. Anything beyond 1024x768 in full screen can be a crap shoot but if you run it windowed, you can go nuts.  Back in 1997, anything beyond 1024x768 probably seemed like science fiction. The fact it will run at 2500x1600 is just…wow.

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