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Published on Thursday, April 8, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Demigod Journals
Category Description
Animation Oak's shield effect is not visible on Oculus.
Animation Oculus sometimes gets stuck in looping damage animation when at low HP.
Animation Oculus's autoattack animations do not loop/transition smoothly.
Animation Oculus's Ball Lightnings attack animation sometimes sticks with permanent bolt from minion to target.
Animation Oculus's Chain Lightning effect sticks until his or target's death if target teleports during cast.
Animation Oculus's Lightning Blast visual effect appears on the ally who inflicts it, rather than the affected target.
Animation Queen of Thorns root attack animation sticks through bottom of map.
Audio Sedna's low quality Silence effect cause game sound to mute.
Map Minion pathing issues on Prison map.
Map Towers do not appear on Forces of Darkness side until War Rank 4.
Mechanics Ability commands do not properly override current command queue. (#8)
Mechanics Demon Assassin stops and stands after using Warp Strike (similar issues reported with Rook in eSupport).
Mechanics Rook won't Auto-attack after using an ability unless he moves first.
Mechanics Dropping HP/MP buff items reduces current HP/MP by buff amount, regardless of current amount.
Mechanics Erebus can commit suicide by own Poison Blood potion, earning kill bounty (exploit/unintended?).
Mechanics Erebus's Mist ability sometimes fails to deactivate upon exhausting all MP.
Mechanics Heart of Life/Wings of Seraphim effect stops when player receives healing (negative damage).
Mechanics Minion HP buff items only increase max, not initial HP on spawn.
Mechanics Oculus cannot auto-attack units directly under himself.
Mechanics Oculus sometimes becomes unresponsive after using Blast Off.
Mechanics Oculus's Ball Lightnings can spawn in non-traversable map areas.
Mechanics Oculus's Ball Lightnings do not benefit from minion HP buff items.
Mechanics Oculus's Brain Storm has no visual effect without Mental Agility, does not remove debuffs as per tooltip.
Mechanics Oculus's Electrocution does not stop regeneration as per tooltip.
Mechanics Player Queen of Thorns changes targets without user input while auto-attacking.
Mechanics Players can loot kill-drop potions from long range under certain circumstances. (#21)
Mechanics Sedna's Silence debuff never expires under certain circumstances.
Mechanics Shamblers stop short of max attack range when ordered to attack structures.
Mechanics Sludge Slinger fails without feedback if player is not both in range and facing target.
Mechanics Torchbearer's Fireball stops short of target and moves very slowly under certain circumstances.
Mechanics Unclean Beast Plague debuff prevents Post Mortem effect on kills.
Mechanics Using items or abilities while moving causes demigod to stop and begin auto-attacking nearby units.
Other Achievements which span multiple matches do not record progress correctly.
Other Desync or match end midway through replay (did not occur in actual match).
Other Game results include players who joined and left prior to game start.
Other In-game elapsed time does not match grace period for no stats reporting.
Other Oculus moves very slowly when selected with Ball Lightnings.
Other Ping times spike randomly for some users.
Other Ventrilo may cause crashing during load screen.
Other "Unable to create Direct3D", solved by manually changing resolution in the game.prefs (or just deleting it)
UI Demigod selection list in single tournament and achievements screens have no scrollbars.
UI Health bar scaling varies with zoom level.
UI Join/Part messages in lobby use host's localization rather than local user's.
UI Minion summoning buttons vanish/break under certain circumstances when selling Monk idols.
UI Replay interface does not update correctly on watched player death/changing watched player.
UI Rollover Data Error on tooltip of flags while being captured by enemy team in fog of war.
UI War Score display at citadel shows average of both sides, rather than owner's own score.
UI Weapon stats do not update when modal demigods change forms. (#22)
UI Mouse cursor sticking, may be related to DPI settings. (unconfirmed)


These are the items on our list that we’re working with GPG with to address.