Elemental: Modding

Published on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

While Element comes packed with its own lore, players and modders can create their own fantasy universe using either the game options (while setting up a normal game) as well as making use of the Workshop for modding.

The mod tools in Elemental are designed to let players design their own worlds in great detail.

The 4 major pieces of the workshop are:

  1. The Tile Editor
  2. The Map Editor
  3. The Item Editor
  4. The Effects Editor

The Tile Editor is used to create new tiles in the world. These tiles can be purely cosmetic or can serve a specific purpose. Every tile in Elemental was created using this tile editor.


Designing your tile


Once a tile is created, the player then can bring it into the game and assign what that tile actually is (or in XML assign it to be a city improvement). Is the tile a sorcerer’s fortress? An evil dragon? A wish giving demon? The map editor is where the two are connected.


Making your own map

These maps can then be saved and loaded in game.  With it, a player could create their own RPG/like adventure/strategy hybrid and share it with others online.

In addition, solving quests, finding secret locations, loot, etc. all can provide different types of items. Players can use our large catalog of existing art content or they can use their own created content in game.

Creating your own items


Players interested in adding new spells to the game or who want to apply affects to tiles


Creating your own spell effects and other effects.


Effects can be placed in a tile to help give it extra pazazz.