Elemental: Spell Book

Published on Monday, July 5, 2010 By Brad Wardell In Blogging

The Beta 3 series begins the actual “game phase” of Elemental’s public beta process.  This is where the game starts to come together as an actual game rather than a piece of software.

Beta 3 will include the rough draft of the user manual as well as the game launcher.

I still recommend people to NOT join the beta unless your primary goal is to help mold game play.  At beta 3, we can make game play changes as long as they do not require new assets to be created (art, 3D models, etc.) or new systems to be developed (“Wouldn’t it be great if you could switch into first person mode?).

Here is the v1.0 Spell Book.

Latest Update: 07.05.2010 16:22 EST

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The values are still subject to tweaking based on play testing.  In addition to the 90+ spells in the core 11 spell books (10 + the Spell book of Mastery) there are an additional 7 books of magic that are scattered across the world to be found which I won’t get into (but inevitably, once the modders get started they’ll find them). Amongst the lost 7 books of Magic are the Book of Curses, Book of Valor, and the Book of Vengeance.

Most of these spells should be in the Beta 3 build (“they work on my machine!”) but if they’re not checked into the public tree they should be soon.

We plan to release a lot more spells after the game comes out (lest we get shamed by modders) which we’ll add in based on beta tester feedback.