Tactical Battle Evolution

Published on Saturday, July 17, 2010 By Brad Wardell In War of Magic

Beta 3B introduces the skeleton of tactical battles.

Here's the basic concept on how they're supposed to work:

Your Combat Speed is translated into action points. We do NOT use your Moves per turn stat (that's supposed to represent endurance and it's not subject to change).

The current system is, however, far too basic of course.  In this thread, we will discuss which aspects of MOM, HOMM, AOW, as well as new concepts you guys would like to see.

Below is the system we intend to implement and we look forward to your thoughts on this:

  1. When a unit attacks another unit, that units gets to retaliate (if it can) against the unit that attacked it.
  2. Action Points = 1 + Your Combat Speed.
  3. Moving a tile uses 2 action points.
  4. Attacking and casting a spell uses 1 action point.
  5. The placement of units on a map will be based on the the composition on the units going into the battle.
  6. Units will have various special abilities (that's why the action tab looks so blank right now).

These 6 things are what we consider the "basic" for day 0.

Obviously, right now, none of these 6 things are in. I am hoping to get a Beta 3C up on Monday that has them though.

On top of these 6 items there is what we consider "required" for v 1.1 (60 days or so after release):

  • More distinction in the action point cost
  • More finesse with regards to the counter attack (in v1.0, we don't plan the counter attack to absorb any action points from the next turn but this is something we want to explore so that ganging up on tough units is more viable).
  • A lot LOT LOT LOT more buffs/debuffs

In the long-term, we plan to keep evolving tactical battles based on feedback. It's not something we're going to push out there on day 0 and call it a day. But I also think it would be naive to think that by day 0 or day 120 that tactical battles will be the end all be all because there is just so much one can do with this area and it's not something that should ever be considered "finished".