Friday update

Published on Friday, September 17, 2010 By Brad Wardell In War of Magic

We don't normally release a Friday update but given the significant improvements in 1.08 we didn't want them marred by a few oversights.

Here's what's new in Friday's update to v1.08 that should be live by 10pm EST.

Friday update:

* Gameplay / Balance * 

+ New Sovereign Ability: Wealthy +1 gildar per turn 
+ New Sovereign Ability: Green Thumb +2 food per turn 
+ Organized Sovereign Ability removed 
+ Shop Costs moved to be a formula (unless specified in the XML) 
+ Research costs increased 
+ More balancing of initial resource seeding 
+ Fertile land availability increased 
+ Long Bows now cost 40 gildar to construct 
+ Default shop values on weapons and armor removed from XML (you can overrride the formula still) 
+ Teleport/Blink mana cost increased from 5 to 15. 
+ Eliminated criminal adventurers (caused confusion amongst players) 
+ Pioneer Kit Gold cost reduced from 10 to 5, Materials cost increased from 1 to 10. 
+ Organized ability added to general special abilities 
+ Late game monster respawning reduced. 
+ Increased movement speed of units in tactical battles
+ Lots of spell damage tweaks. 

* Bug Fixes * 

+ Added logic to stop spells from dealing max damage every time. 
+ Restored old terrain/tile movement costs until that can be better addressed. 
+ Adjusted the combat speed from 2 to 3 for the base male/female sov units. 
+ Fixed bug where Karavox, Magnar, and Verga sovs only had 1.0 for combat speed. 
+ Fixed bug that made it not load any maps except mp maps 
+ Fixed bug resetting default map size to tiny 
+ Fixed bug where rapidly clicking the fortify action for a unit twice or more would cause the game to hang 
+ Fixed bug where, after unhiding the game lobby wnd once, human players would get assigned team 1 when joining a custom game, instead of an unused team ID 
+ Fixed crash when restarting new campaign after you load a saved campaign game 
+ Fixed bug where Cancel button would not show up on mutliplayer Join Game with Password screen 
+ Fixed an error where old saves with old data had logic conflicts with new code that made spells miss.