Some v1.2 notes

Published on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 By Brad Wardell In War of Magic


I'm going to put together a better preview soon but v1.2 is supposed to go into beta tomorrow. 

I can tell you, I think people are going to be pretty happy.  While v1.1 had a huge change log, v1.2 has a huge one too but in less obvious ways than v1.1. 

Here are some of the things i've been noticing:

1. The memory usage is dramatically lower. Hopefully, users who run out of memory will be far fewer than in previous versions.  This is an area that will be a constant battle since I see it as our job to push the map sizes and such as far up as we possibly can. So the smarter we use memory, the bigger the worlds.

2. There's a lot of little polish things. Things that have bugged me for awhile but seem to have been taken care of with this version. You'll see what I mean pretty quickly.

3. There's been work to tactical battles. The AI is using magic in battles and seems to be somewhat smarter.  I wish I had time to take this part of the AI over but Charles is doing a great job here and hopefully people will start noticing.

4. Performance is snappier. I can't tell you why, but it just seems to be there.

I haven't looked at balancing and such, I've been working on regular "Stardock stuff" and not the game this month but wanted to give you guys a quick report on what I'd seen this week.