The Fallen Enchantress Poll

Published on Monday, February 28, 2011 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

At the top of the Journals page we’ve set up a new poll.

We’ll be getting into a lot of details about Fallen Enchantress as we near the beta (which we anticipate starting this Spring).

Below, are 10 random facts (amongst many) about it:

  1. It is a stand-alone title – you don’t have to have anything previously installed.
  2. It will be free for everyone who bought the first Elemental title (War of Magic) in 2010 and those who buy War of Magic prior to Fallen Enchantress’s release will get a discount.
  3. The Lead Designer of Fallen Enchantress is Derek Paxton (Civilization IV: Fall from Heaven)
  4. The campaign for Fallen Enchantress is written by fantasy author Dave Stern and is being designed by Jon Shafer (lead designer of Civilization V)
  5. The tactical battle system is 100% new and based on initiative rather than teams taking turns.
  6. The economic system is all new.
  7. The food/housing/prestige mechanic is gone and replaced with something more intuitive and we think funner.
  8. The combat system is very different with damage types, resistance types, etc.
  9. Its user interface will be new.
  10. It will have no boxed version, no retail version so that the release date has no outside influences other than being a great game.

Feel free to write in the comments section any questions you may have as we plan to start back with FAQs in March.

Don’t forget to answer the poll!