War of Magic: v1.3 running log

Published on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

Next week we plan to release Elemental: War of Magic v1.2 which is largely a rewrite of how War of Magic deals with memory.  So the change log in v1.2 isn’t that long but involves a lot of work.

v1.3, which mostly gameplay, will begin its journey immediately following.

Follow this blog for a status report of where things are.


War of Magic v1.3: Changes Implemented

  • Base HP lowered from 10 to 2 for trained units.
  • Minimum trained unit group size changed from 1 to 4.
  • Base map movement speed increased.
  • World Difficulty will set the default difficulty of the AI players
  • When a sovereign dies, its faction is inherited by the player with the best relationship with them.
  • Improvements that can repeatedbly be built (studies, workshops) use increasing numbers of citizens
  • Tile limit per city level reimplemented with housing no longer using up tiles (so you never get "stuck")
  • Random Events
  • Notable locations no longer require a tech level
  • Quests no longer require a tech level
  • Champions are now rare to find on their own
  • New notable locations added
  • Low level notable locations more likely to provide equipment
  • Harbors (sea faring techs) eliminated until further notice
  • Special buildings no longer required to special units (but they'll be helpful)

War of Magic v1.3: To-Do

  • Champions will offer to join you automatically when your faction meets certain milestones
  • Minor Factions are going to go bye-bye until they can be loved more by us
  • Tactical battles: AI re-design
  • Major AI updates to general strategic areas (unit design, city management, unit and army movement)

War of Magic v1.4: Tentative To-Do

  • New Setup option: Notable Location frequency 
  • New Setup option: Random Events [enabled][disabled
  • World Generation will now place exotic things far away from starting points.
  • Clairvoyance (Channelers can cast spells from remote but the cost is based on the distance
  • New Random Events

More to come. Stay tuned. List will grow and shrink and change over time as we determine schedule as well as make adjustments.


v1.4 is a tentative build as the Fallen Enchantress beta will likely start after v1.3 is released but before v1.4. So we'll have to see what the demand for v1.4 is since virtually everyone who has War of Magic will be getting Fallen Enchantress.