iPhone got wet, won’t come on, how to fix

Published on Monday, June 20, 2011 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

So this weekend I had to take my boat out of the water. In the process I had to wade into water that was up to my waste. Unfortunately, my iPhone was in my pocket.

Like an idiot, I immediately try to turn it on and got just the Apple logo which came on and then would go off. After a few tries of turning it on and off, I didn’t even get the Apple logo.

Ruined. Dammit. $500. @#$@#$@#!

So then I started searching online. Surely, I wasn’t the first person who had done this. I found lots of advice (most of it bad) and none of the advice I found actually included whether it was taken and the results.

Well, the one piece of advice I took was to take the iPhone and put it in a bag of plain dry white rice. I was skeptical about whether this would work.  But next morning, sure enough, I plugged it in to recharge and voila, all we right in the world. Good as new.