My crazy SSD drive performances

Published on Thursday, September 15, 2011 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

I have three high end PCs. Each with an SSD.  One is an OCZ-Summit. Another is an Intel-25M and the newest is an OCZ-Vertex 3.

As a quickie benchmark, I copy the Winsxs directory (from the \Windows directory) back onto the drive and just look at the megabytes per second.

And wow, big differences.

The OCZ-Summit gets around 10 MB/sec.

The Intel-25M gets around 40 MB/sec.

And the OCZ-Vertex 3 gets about 110MB/sec.

When copying big amounts of stuff (or compiling big amounts of stuff) this is very noticeable.

I haven’t figured out what is making such a difference.  The PC with the OCZ-Summit is faster than the one with the Intel-25M. (Core I7-965 vs. an I7-920).  So is it the drive? The controller? Or something else?

The OCZ-Vertex 3 is on a SATA 6.0G controller and is a brand new drive so I’d expect it to be faster.  But 11X faster than the Summit?

Any thoughts?