Dealing with a dangerous world

Published on Saturday, November 12, 2011 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks

One of the things that is giving me fits in Fallen Enchantress is getting delicate units to a dangerous place safely.

The classic case, sending a pioneer to claim a new area – but without getting killed on the way.

The hardest part of writing AI isn’t coming up with *A* away to solve a problem. It is solving the problem that doesn’t require a lot of coding time AND doesn’t doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU.

So, for instance, I don’t have the luxury that you humans have of looking at the path a unit generates between A and B and see what’s dangerous. That would be immensely expensive. 

Similarly, while providing a body guard for a unit is another path to take, the problem there is that you could really slow down your expansion and get wiped out by the human player who is able to make better decisions.