I’m a hater

Published on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks

You know the #1 suckiest thing about writing AI for me?

It’s that not only do I have to play in cloth map only mode (I run with massive debugging) but I have to run in ugly cloth map mode.


I’m not going to say I hate every single person on this planet. I’m sure there are people living in deserts and jungles who are just fine. I still hate them, mind you. It’s out of principle. So yea, I guess I do hate everything.

Until I am freed from having to play the game like this, I’m going to be one grumpy bastard. You gotta feel kind of bad for Stardock. A real company wouldn’t let one of its devs even post this kind of inanity. But of course, I’m the boss so I can post how annoying it is to play the game at 3fps in cloth map mode. 

There’s nothing that can be done. I did GalCiv that way too. People cried. Their tears were delicious and nourishing.  But it’s not enough. Not nearly enough.