[Update] Brad's Friday Night Slipstream (1-21-12)

Published on Saturday, January 21, 2012 By Brad Wardell In FE Beta

On occasion, for those who are feeling daring, I'll be releasing a build off my own machine with some tweaks and changes that haven't been checked into the main project.

Here's this week's EXE update (unzip into to your fallen enchantress directory)


Here's what is different versus the public beta:

+ AI better at expansion with regards to pioneers

+ AI handles magic *much* better strategically

+ Several crash fixes. There is one known crash issue that I have not been able to fix that I think relates to external improvements being destroyed. It's infrequent but it's there.

+ Fixed (I hope) the "stuck turn" problem some have reported -- this is a complex issue due to all the threads interacting.

+ Fixed (I hope) the lock up that some people have reported -- this is a deadlock that results from multiple threads locking conflicting game resources

+ Modified the process event manager to make animation a bit smoother late game when there's lots of things happening on screen

+ Performance improvements

+ Fixed -- I think, the bug that caused AI players to sometimes declare war when you hadn't met them.

Make sure you back up your existing .exe just to be safe. It should be fine but you never know.

If you are running this version, put all reports in this thread.