Get a job, kid

Published on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

Here’s a growing problem: College graduates who have never had a job of any kind.

I get a lot of these resumes on my desk now. 4-5 years in college, living at home, never worked. No mall job. No McDonalds. No summer landscaping. Nothing.

I used to not pay that close attention to that but I do now.  I have to because kids who have never had a job have no idea what’s expected at a job. Basic things like getting up every day and being at work at a consistent time. 5 days a week.

If you’re a parent and you’re not making your kid work so that they can “focus on their grades” you’re doing them a disservice. I won’t interview anyone anymore that has never had a job. I don’t care what their GPA was.