Windows 8 “Groups”

Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing

In Windows 8, you can create a column of tiles in it and label the tile. This is Microsoft’s idea of a “group”.

Here’s a couple of videos showing off the pain:

Windows 7: The Start Menu



Windows 8: The Start “page”:


And a follow-up to show you about column headers (what Microsoft is calling groups):


Now, I’ve gotten a lot of email from people saying that I’m “obviously” a Microsoft hater or an “Apple zealot”. This is obviously a change from the traditional charge that I’m an Apple basher and a Microsoft apologist. 

So let me be clear: My livelihood depends on the success of Microsoft Windows. It is the only platform I write for. I have a vested (i.e. not emotional) interest in the success of Windows.  I’ve been a Microsoft MVP for years, have worked with Microsoft on many different projects over the years. And Windows 8 is very good, technologically, under the hood.  The problem is strictly with the insanity that is the Windows 8 user experience and that if unaddressed will result in a lot of people migrating.

I don’t think that many people in 2012 realize how close we are to the next phase computing. It’s not tablets vs. desktops.  It’s decoupled computing. It’s AirPlay vs. WiDi. That’s the next battle and it’s one that Microsoft could very lose if they splinter their developer and user base.