My Views on Steam haven't changed

Published on Monday, March 26, 2012 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming

I was reading some articles that covered the Stardock 2012 report and in the comments section one thing that came up over and over was the allegation that I "badmouthed" Steam or Valve or what have you and that I "suddenly" liked Steam after we sold Impulse.

It's annoying when people try to fabricate a narrative that has no basis in reality.

As a reminder:

"You would have to pry Steam out of my cold dead hands" -Brad Wardell, June 17, 2008 during the Impulse launch.


"Well first, I’m a fanboy of Valve because they are everything I admire – excellent. I don’t really see Impulse or Steam as an either/or thing. I use Steam. I don’t want Steam to be “beaten”. But I think as excellent as Steam is, there is a lot more to go and I do not like concentrations of power. " -Brad Wardell, February 2010

Running Impulse never meant we wanted Steam to fail.  The reasons we ultimately sold Impulse are well documented. But us liking Steam and Valve today isn't some recent conversion.  You can compete with something and think that something is good.