Other views on city snakes

Published on Saturday, March 31, 2012 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks


So we’re getting a lot of feedback on the concept of “1 tile” cities vs. building on the main map.

Those in favor of building on the main map itself make many good arguments on how it’s inconvenient to have to go to a separate screen to build improvements and that it’s fun and useful to be able to see, at a glance, what a city has.

The problem that many of us have with the WOM style of city building is the gaming of it – snaking cities to be used for teleporting units or getting to far off resources.

In my build, as a test, I made it so that you can’t build beyond 1 tile of the hub.  This makes some sense since the resources you see when you build the city is the culmination of the resources in that 1 tile plus all the tiles within 1 radius. Therefore, it would make sense that you could only build within 1 tile of the hub.  It would also result in rewarding the player who carefully chooses what improvements to build in a city and reward specialization rather than “all of the above”.

The above screenshot is an example of a city that must build within 1 tile of its hub:


You’re still talking about being able to build about two-dozen improvements in a city.


Video of a close up shot of a city: