The new Stardock Central is available to download

Published on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Stardockians

If you’re an Object Desktop customer or a user of any of Stardock’s non-games, you’ll soon be getting emails from us telling you to begin migrating to the new Stardock Central.

A year ago, retail giant, GameStop acquired Stardock’s Impulse to run handle their worldwide digital distribution requirements.  As part of our agreement, Impulse was required to support Stardock’s non-game software for a period of time after the transfer.  GameStop has held up its part of the agreement and then some and now is the time to begin migrating to Stardock Central.


Now, because Stardock Central uses a different installation format, we have to manually migrate all the programs to it.  The net result is that on some programs, it will show updates or even programs you have installed as being available. If you’d like, you can just install on top of what you have and it should work fine.  But it also means that some programs won’t be available yet (mainly legacy ones).  So if there’s something you don’t see that’s available in Impulse – BACK IT UP.  It could be awhile before we get everything migrated to Stardock Central.

How to get it: