Brad’s random FE Beta 3 opinions

Published on Sunday, April 22, 2012 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks

As you may imagine, with each iteration, we internally pepper Kael with our own ideas and suggestions.  In no particular order these are some of the ones I’ve put in so you get a flavor of the feedback that poor Kael has to deal with daily. Smile

  • Every champion should have a unique ability – ex: give Baco “Destiny’s Gambler” spell where the player can spend 50 mana and get a random result, mostly good but some bad.
  • Move random events away from being random and into being “choices”. For instance, an event that currently just random makes everyone go to war instead turns into a council where everyone votes on whether to have a war of finality or an emissary comes and demands you give them 10% of your income, if you fail fortresses appear on the map that begin attacking everyone.
  • Have Civ techs that cause Outposts to get guards and expand influence so that you don’t need as many late game.
  • Have weapons and armor that are “better” but cost significantly more resources so that the player with more stuff can fight a war of attrition.
  • Have quests tend to give players access to more spells so that they’re more compelling. Getting a magic axe is less interesting and gets repetitive. Getting a random magic spell, by contrast, would make the finite # of quests have far greater replay ability.
  • More terrain types (especially snow at the poles).
  • Outpost specialization (late game, spend money to upgrade outposts that have an impact on the ZOC they control)

Now coming up in beta 4 is the new city system which will result in smaller looking cities (far fewer tiles on the map) but a lot more city improvements to choose from in total but fewer in a particular city (cities will specialize and that specialization will make available exclusive techs that require that city type). But that won’t be coming for awhile. But just something to remember when making requests on cities.

Mind you, these are just suggestions and may never make it in.  There are a lot of good ideas that get made everyday but there’s finite time and budget and the game has a very specific design that is being carried out on schedule that has done well so far.  But as we do iterations of a beta, there’s room for adjustments still.